16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Centreboard Regattas

RPAYC invites Classes and Associations to host their next Regatta or Championship with the club. Please contact the Sailing Office to register your interest.

Selden for Sailing Centreboard Winter Series 2020 

New for 2020, the Selden for Sailing Centreboard Winter Series. This new series will consist of 6 rounds between June & August and open to all Club Members & Visitors

Important Documents and Links 

  1. Amendment to NoR #1

  2. Amendment to SI #1

  3. Amendment to SI #2

 Australian Sailing ‘MySailor’ profile
As we plan to send further communication via email and SMS text message about this series later this week, (using the information in your AS profile), we kindly request that you please now login to your Australian Sailing ‘MySailor’ profile, to confirm that all participant 'personal information', plus 'medical and emergency contact information', is current and up to date.

RPAYC Members - You can login or request 'forgotten' login details here.
Non Members - You can login or request 'forgotten' login details with Australian Sailing here.
To ensure that you receive all emails and text messages, please take the time to update and confirm your details as promptly as possible, as we are aware of some incorrect details due to regular email and SMS ‘bounce-backs’.


  • Round 1 – 14 June
  • Round 2 – 28 June
  • Round 3 – 12 July 
  • Round 4 – 26 July
  • Round 5 – 9 August
  • Round 6 – 23 August

Crew Details

Please note:

All participants 'Skippers' or 'Crew', shall all register by using their own Australian Sailing number and Date of Birth.

For Double Handed registrations, each participant shall also be required to supply their crewmate's details as well, at the time of entry: 

  • Crew Australian Sailing Number
  • Crew First & Surname
  • Crew Date of Birth
  • Crew Emergency Contact Name
  • Crew Emergency Contact Mobile
  • Crew/Emergency Contact Relationship

What Session am i in?

An SMS text will be sent to registered competitors on the Saturday prior to the schedule race advising what divison is in which Session for the day. Session 2 will be kept ahsore until the drop of the AP signal on the Centreboard lawn. Refer to SI's for details. 

On the Day

Social distancing measures will be strictly maintained by all. SIGN ON / OFF will occur from the Cb Lawn ramp. 

Cars and trailers may enter the lower carpark to unload, simply buzz at the boomgate for Reception. Following this, all trailers must then be taken over and left in the Crystal bay carpark.
A section of the lower car park may be allocated for rigging boats.

Please ensure the concrete area on the lawn is kept free for people/boats to access the launching ramp. 
Due to the restricted space on the lawn, it is essential that all boats are taken home on Sunday after racing. *casual storage fees will apply.
Rigged boats that are not competing in the Series will be moved into the RPAYC car park and or Boatyard to free up rigging spaces on the lawn for competitors.


Showers and change rooms are located in the Jack Gale Centre and main clubhouse. Access to the Club House bathrooms is via the laneway between the club and the boatyard. Lockers are also available to be used, see Reception for a key.
Sign on and off will be done electronically. See NoR and SI's for details. 
Halyards Grab and Go is open from 0800hrs for takeaway food & beverages. 


Like all Club racing events, the Selden for Sailing Winter Series is dependant on the genrosity of volunteers. If you are available the community would greatly appreciate your help, please note your expression of interest by following this link. 

Waszp NSW Championship 2020

8 - 9 February, 2020

Notice of Race

Online Race Entry

List of entrants

Sailing Instructions

Notices to Competitors


Images from Saturday's Race

9ers, Nacra 15 & Flying Ant NSW Championship 2020

29 Feb - 1 March, 2020

Notice of Race

Online Race Entry

Sailing Instrucutions

Flying Ant Sailing Instructions

List of Entrants

Notices to Competitors

  1. Amendment to Sailing Instructions - #1

Guide to RPAYC - Rigging, Storage & Rib launching

Results - 29ers & Nacra 15s

Resuts - Flying Ants

NSW State Tiltes Overall

St George Shield and Association Trophy Overall 

F16 Australian Championship 2020

14 - 15 March, 2020

Notice of Race

Online Race Entry

Sailing Instructions

List of Entrants

Notices to Competitors


Optimist NSW Championship 2020

28 - 29 March, 2020

Notice of Race

Online Race Entry

Sailing Instructions

Guide to RPAYC ic, Parking, Storage, Rigging, Facilities

Lunch Order Forms (return by Wednesday 25)

Notices to Competitors



Visitor Information

Visiting competitors, family and friends are advised of the conditions on entering the RPAYC Clubhouse as per the Registered Clubs Act. In addition to all youth under the age of 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult (over 18yrs) at all times. All adults are required to sign in at Reception.n as per the conditions below. Please note that when signing in under the term 'similar clubs' your home club must be Registered Club, if not, you will be required to be signed in by an RPAYC Full Member if living within the 5km radius of the RPAYC.



Under the Registered Clubs Act the following persons may be admitted as Temporary Members of the Club if the Rules of the Club so provide:
(a) A person whose ordinary place of residence is in New South Wales and is more than five (5) kilometres from the registered club.
(b) A person who is a member of another registered club with similar objects to those of this Club.
(c) Any member of another registered club who is attending this Club for the purpose of taking part in an organised sport or competition as provided in Section 30 (10) of the Registered Clubs Act (a copy of this Section is set out below).
(d) Temporary members (other than those who are admitted pursuant to Section 30 (10) will have to complete and sign the Temporary Members Register each day they attend at the Club.

SECTION 30 (10)
The rules of a registered club (in this subection referred to as “the host club”) shall, unless its rules provide that the provisions of this subsection do not apply to that club, be deemed to include a rule that a full member of any other registered club who at the invitation of the governing body or of a full member of the host club, attends on any day at the premises of the host club for the purpose of participating in an organised sport or competition to be conducted by the host club on that day shall be a temporary member of the host club from the time on that day when he so attends the premises of the host club until the end of that day.

“Guest”, in relation to a full member, a provisional member or an honorary member of the club, means a person:
(a) whose name and address, countersigned by the member, are entered in a registered kept for the purpose by the club: and
(b) who, at all times while on the club premises, remain in the reasonable company of the member; and
(c) who does not remain on the club premises any longer than the member.


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