16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Pittwater Dash NoR & SI 2020

With the normal Opening Day festivities postponed its great to see that teh annual start of the season Pittwater Dash race is still scheduled. To participate boat owners will need to submit a 2020-21 entry, selecting Pittwater Dash race, whilst doining so why not enter the other Spring/Summer events you wish to enter. 
Crew list submissions will be a normal part of racing for 2020-21, this can either be done via your yacht entry or via the sms sent on the day of the race. 
To Enter the Race visit our Regatta & Championship page here: https://www.rpayc.com.au/sailing/yacht-racing/regatta-and-championships
Have you done your special regulations audit for the new season? If not download an applicable audit form here and submit it to the sailing office, who will arrange a club auditor to inspect your boat: https://www.rpayc.com.au/sailing/regulations-equipment-audits

“The Pittwater Dash”

Saturday 5th September 2020
Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions
1. Eligibility
1.1. To be eligible to compete a boat shall have;
1.2. Entered online via the Topyacht. Entry deadline 1700hrs Friday 4th September 2020.
1.3. At the minimum, have a valid 2020/2021 Category 7 Special Regulations Audit.
1.4. The Pittwater Dash is a spinnaker race.
2. Division Flags
2.1. There shall be up to three (3) divisions.
3. The Start
3.1. The starting area may be the area of water extending from Bayview in the South to an imaginary line extending east from Longnose Point in the North.
3.2. The Starting Line shall be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the Race Committee Vessel and an orange inflatable mark on the other end of the line.
3.3. The first Warning Signal is scheduled for 1225hrs.
3.4. The scheduled Start times are as follows:
Division Start Flag
Division 1 12.30hrs Numeral Pennant 1
Division 2 12.35hrs Numeral Pennant 2
Division 3 12.40hrs Numeral Pennant 3

2020-21 Sailors Forum Q & A

Download the Transport NSW/RMS Seminar here

Questions from the presentation:

* Course Sheets for the season? - A: Will be the current Blue sheet (Pink for Twilight's). Download Here... https://www.rpayc.com.au/sailing/yacht-racing/sailing-handbook
* Can Multihulls compete in club races? - A: Yes welcome to compete in all events.
* I have crew that are not RPAYC Members, can they sail? - A: Yes welcome to. Visitors to the club are required to purchase a 'Day Pass' via the new Member Point App, this includes members of another Sailing Club affiliated to Australian Sailing. Day passes are currently free. A Day Pass holder will meet the requirements of the RRS/AS prescriptions.  MemberPoint App is live - for Members and Visitors to view Club Information and News, add crew to Yacht races and Day Passes for visitors (add your crew list to your boat).
* Where can i find crew or register for Crew? - A: The club recommends the use of Memberpoint App (on a race day) and or MySailTeam. https://mysail.team/
* NSW Health & Australian Sailing Regional Zones - View Australian Sailings Regional Zones here. 
* Special Regulations Audits - Has mine expired? The 2019/20 Special Regulation Orders have now expired. If you have yet to book and complete your Yacht Audit for the coming sailing season then you must prepare your boat for the audit and contact the Sailing Office today to ensure your boat is audited in time to be eligble to race in the new season.  Audit Forms can be downloaded here.

2020-2021 Sailing Handbook Amendment 1 - Schedule of races

Amendment No.1

to the

2020-2021 RPAYC Sailing Handbook

Amendment to Schedule of Races

Sailing Instruction A2;

Races 1-4 of the Club Marine Wednesday Spring Series are hereby classified as Non-Pointscore Races. The schedule of Non-Pointscore races is also amended as follows;

  • Non Pointscore Race             Wednesday 2nd September (new race)
  • Non Pointscore Race             Wednesday 9th September
  • Non Pointscore Race             Wednesday 16th September
  • Non Pointscore Race             Wednesday 23rd September
  • Non Pointscore Race             Wednesday 30th September

Race 1 of the Series, is currently proposed to occur on Wednesday 7th October.


Sailing Instructions D2; E2; F2; G2; H2

Race 1 / Round 1 of the following Series, are hereby classified as Non-Pointscore Races;


  • Commodore’s Cup Series      Saturday 5th September (Pittwater Dash)
  • Pittwater Inshore Series          Saturday 12th September
  • Short Offshore Series             Saturday 19th September
  • Estuary Series                        Saturday 19th September
  • Sprint Series (Races 1-3)       Saturday 19th September

Race 1 of each Series, is currently proposed to become the next scheduled race in the Series.


Amendment to Scoring

Sailing Instruction A7; D9; E8; F7; G9; H4

AMEND as follows:

  • A7.1     The Wednesday Spring Pointscore Series shall consist of up to eleven (11 races.
  • D9.1    The Short Offshore Series shall consist of up to seven (7) races.
  • E8.1     The Estuary Series shall consist of up to eight (8) races.
  • F7.1     The Pittwater Inshore Pointscore Series shall consist of up to nine (9) races.
  • G9.1    The OD & Sports Boat Sprint Series shall consist of up to twenty-four (24) races.
  • H4.1    The Commodores Cup Pointscore Series shall consist of up to five (5) races.

Amendment to APPENDIX H – Commodores Cup

Sailing Instruction H1;



H1.3       Entry Deadline is Friday 13th November 2020.


For and on behalf of Yacht Race Committee,

Brendan Rourke

Sailing & Communications Manager RPAYC

Issued: Saturday 29th August, 2020

Wednesday Sailors - Amendment to races & scoring

Dear RPAYC Wednesday Series Skippers & Sailors,

We find ourselves in very unusual times, however, please see below a quick guide to getting you sorted for the ‘New Season’ of Wednesday Racing at RPAYC.


New Season of Wednesday Racing – Schedule of Races

During the month of September 2020, five (5) races are now scheduled on the following dates;

  • Wednesday 2 September (Non Pointscore) - new race
  • Wednesday 9 September (Non Pointscore)
  • Wednesday 16 September (Non Pointscore)
  • Wednesday 23 September (Non Pointscore)
  • Wednesday 30 September (Non Pointscore)


New Season Entries in TopYacht

There will not be any automatic rollover of entries from the 2020 Waterford Series, hence, all boats are required to submit a new entry for the September Non Pointscore (Series).


New Season Handbook

The new Season’s Sailing Handbook is now available for download from the Club Website. The Sailing Instructions for all Wednesday Races are in Appendix A of the handbook.

The Sailing Office has issued an amendment to the Schedule of Races for Appendix ‘A’, based on the dates nominated above.


Crew Lists

Crew lists will continue to be required for each race. The new season’s Sailing Handbook provides further information in Section 4.0: NoR & SI 4.0 (page 46). Submit my crew list.


Course Sheet

Courses for all Wednesday Races will continue be chosen from the current BLUE Course sheet, until further notice. Download course here.


Cat 7 Audit

Audits for boats have an annual expiry of 30 June each year. If your boat’s last audit was conducted prior to 1st June 2020, please contact the Sailing Office to arrange your next audit. Download your audit form here. 


ORC Ratings Certificate

If your boat has an ORC Rating Certificate, please be sure to forward a ‘signed copy’ to the Sailing Office. If you would like to obtain an ORC Rating for your boat, please contact the Sailing Office for further guidance.

Important Message – ‘Pittwater Sailing Region’ Update 27.08.2020

27 August 2020

Dear Members,
Important Message – ‘Pittwater Sailing Region’ Update
Two days ago, I made an announcement that due to public health measures issued by NSW Health that community sports, including racing at RPAYC, were required to make operational changes and limit participation to people that live within certain areas.
For our sport the changes included the creation of various ‘Sailing Regions’ that were nominated by Australian Sailing, the limiting of competitors and volunteers able to participate to only those that live within the specific ‘Sailing Region’ in which the Club is located and to also make all sailing races non-pointscore until the end of September 2020.
Earlier today Australian Sailing made an announcement that has increased the size of the ‘Pittwater Sailing Region’. The expansion of our Sailing Region now also includes all suburbs of the Northern Beaches with the exception of those suburbs that are located in the Manly Ward. Details of the expanded ‘Pittwater Sailing Region’ can be found here
The recently introduced concept of ‘Sailing Regions’ has been problematic for many Clubs in the Greater Sydney Area. Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club continues to work with Australian Sailing to resolve both operational and participation issues that have been created by the formation of these zones. As a result, there will be further approaches to the Department of Sport & Recreation and NSW Health in coming days.
I will advise further if these negotiations are successful.

Kind regards,
Craig Evans
General Manager

* Link to NSW Sailing in a Covid Environment - Updated 27th August 2020 @ 0725 - Click here.

Wednesday Waterford & Winter Early Bird Series Results

Congratulations to all of our series winners in the 2020 Wednesday Waterford Series & Winter Early Bird Series. As current COVID restrictions did not allow us to have a prize giving, your prizes are available to collect from reception when you are next at the club. 

Wednesday Waterford Series Winners 2020

PHS Div 1
1: Pretty Woman - Richard Hudson
2: Leroy Brown - Peter Antill
3: Le Billet - Mark Waterhouse & Mark Tinworth

PHS Div 2
1: Summersalt - Gren O'Neill
2: Puff - Scott Robinson
3: Ming - David Johnson

PHS Div 3
1: Vittoria - Alan Reece
2: Wild Spriit - Len Baillie
3: Dancealot - Richard Pearse

PHS Div 4
1: Wattle - Russell Barrett
2: Emily - Maurice Drent
3: Cariad - James George

1: Blue Tack - Andrew Herriott & Adam Workman
2: Pacesetter - Tony Doyle
3: Force 8 - Steve Stuart

ORCc Div 1
1: Leroy Brown - Peter Antill
2: Pretty Woman - Richard Hudson
3: Ghost Rider - Ross Hennessy

ORCc Div 2
1: Puff - Scott Robertson
2: Summersalt - Greg O'Neill
3: Woodrun - Tony Hutton

ORCc Div 3
1: Venue - Biran Ellis
2: Dancealot - Richard Pearse
3: Alpha Crucis - Martin Cross & Bob Stoddart

ORCc Div R
1: Pacesetter - Tony Doyle
2: Force 8 - Steve Stuart
3: Ultimate Tune - Tim Mussared

Full Wednesday Waterford Series Results here

Winter Early Bird Series 2020

PHS Div 1
1: Harlequin - Joachim Fluhrer
2: Windy Too - Carl Russett
3: Enigma - Robert Bennett 

PHS Div 2
1: Gezzabelle - Allen Stormon
2: Bullwinkle - Pete Farrugia
3: Puff - Scott Robertson

PHS Div 3
1: Pick Pocket - Chris Hornsby
2: Kama II - David Cunningham
3: Venue - Brian Ellis

PHS Div 4
1: Pacesetter - Tony Doyle
2: Force 8 - Gavin Ward
3: Razzle Dazzle - Rob Curtis & Glenn Tailby

Full Winter Early Bird Series Results here


Congratulations to all of our podium placegetters. 

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My Crash Course on Ocean Cruising – A Visit to Lord Howe Island

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   Meltemi in the Lagoon at Lord Howe Island dwarfed by Mt GowerIn late 2009 I had been for some time contemplating taking my nearly 3 year old catamaran, a Seawind...

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Boatyard Summer Bookings, Work Berths & Tenant Services

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SheSails for RPAYC

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The RPAYC will be represented at this year’s SheSails Open Regatta hosted by Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club and scheduled for November 28-29, by Nicole Butcher, Lisa Ratcliff and Lauren Crossman.Competitors...

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Update from the General Manager 16/9/2020

15 Sep 2020

Dear Members,I hope that you are all well.Thank you everyone for your patience over the last few months while construction has been occurring at the Club.You will be happy to...

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Member Notice - Maintenance & Line Marking Car Parks and Crystal Bay Hardstand

15 Sep 2020

The Club wishes to notify Members of maintenance and re-line marking that will take place, weather permitting, within the middle car park, top car park and Crystal Bay Hardstand. Middle &...

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Sydney 2000 Olympic Games - 20 years ago

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This week marks 20 years since the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.RPAYC had a large representation of members who gave their time on the water both inshore &...

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Women's Twilight Series - Entries Open

14 Sep 2020

Only 6 weeks to go until the 2020-21 Women's Twilight! Racing kicks off on Tuesday 27th October and finishes Tuesday 16th March 2021, held fortnightly with only 1 male allowed...

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Harken Summer Centreboard Series - Shirt size order

09 Sep 2020

Harken are proudly supporting the Centreboard 2020-2021 Summer Centreboard Season with kitting out all competitors with a Club Team Shirt & race vest.Please submit your order below by September 27.  ORDER...

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The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - RPAYC is a yacht racing and sailing club based on Pittwater.

The yacht club offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels.

There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.

Membership, including family membership is now available.