16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Commodores Message - Relaxation of Restrictions - Sailing

Dear Members,

The NSW Government have reduced a number of restrictions placed on the community, what do these mean for the club and our resumption to sailing and normal club house operations? 

I have prepared a short video outlining these restrictions and the clubs operations in a short video below.
We are not out of this pandemic so i stress to all to maintain and follow the rules set by the Government. 

Kind regards,

Michael Lockley


Relaxation of Restriction - Sailing

What do easing COVID-19 restrictions mean in my state or territory?


This week has seen most states and territories announce relaxations to their COVID-19 restrictions, which have had an immediate impact on how or if we can go sailing.

Australian Sailing has been working with state government agencies to clarify what the restrictions at various levels mean for sailing in each jurisdiction, including what activities are permitted and how this impacts clubs.

We have made submissions based on the SportAUS Rebooting Sport framework, providing our interpretations of their basic definitions and expanding these to capture the breadth and depth of our sport.

We have also sought clarification and/or exemptions for some sailing specific activities that relate to the 1.5m distancing and four square meter rules.

We believe sailing is a relatively low risk activity and have supported our case with risk mitigation strategies. Australian Sailing will soon publish further information to assist clubs with their “Return to sport” risk mitigation strategies. 

We have been able to publish the most up-to-date information on what the relaxation of the restrictions mean in each jurisdiction, answering such questions as "What does this now mean for sailing?" and "What organised activity is currently permitted in my state or territory?"


NSW May Update - Relaxation of Restrictions


Australian Sailing has received updated guidance regarding the impact of easing restrictions on sailing in New South Wales.

The NSW Government announced that it has eased the following restrictions on Friday 15 May 2020, including: 

  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people
  • Cafes and restaurants can seat 10 patrons at any one time
  • Up to 5 visitors to a household at any one time
  • Weddings up to 10 guests
  • Indoor funerals up to 20 mourners, outdoor funerals up to 30
  • Religious gatherings/places of worship up to 10 worshippers
  • Use of outdoor equipment with caution
  • Outdoor pools open with restrictions.

The NSW Office of Sport has been working closely with government agencies to provide guidelines and principles for sporting organisations to recommence activity in a safe manner, in adherence with the revised Public Health Orders.

The NSW Government notes that National Cabinet endorsed the Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment developed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) on Friday 1 May 2020.

Now that the nature of these eased restrictions commencing on Friday 15 May 2020 are known, the Office of Sport is finalising this work as a matter of priority and we hope to have further update out to clubs and members over the next couple days.

What does this now mean for our sailing clubs?

  • Recreational sailing continues to remain a permitted activity;
    • Access to marinas is permitted
    • Access to fuel sales is permitted
  • Organised community sport is currently still prohibited, so club organised events and training can’t take place at this stage.

What vessels can we sail? - Recreationally

  • Yachts Yes, provided you maintain a maximum of 1 person per 4m2 and social distancing of 1.5m and hygiene requirements are maintained. Maintain only outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people.
  • Dinghies (single handed) Yes, provided you maintain a maximum of 1 person per 4m2 and social distancing of 1.5m and hygiene requirements are maintained. Maintain only outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people.
  • Dinghies (double Handed) No.  These boats are unable to comply with the 1 person per 4m2 and social distancing of 1.5m requirements
  • Windsurfing Yes, provided you maintain a maximum of 1 person per 4m2 and social distancing of 1.5m and hygiene requirements are maintained. Maintain only outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people.
  • Kiteboarding Yes, provided you maintain a maximum of 1 person per 4m2 and social distancing of 1.5m and hygiene requirements are maintained. Maintain only outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people.
  • Powerboats Yes, provided you maintain a maximum of 1 person per 4m2 and social distancing of 1.5m and hygiene requirements are maintained. Maintain only outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people.

How many people can I have on board?

You must observe the not more than 1 person per 4m2 and maximum ten-person rule for outdoor gathers, be satisfied you have observed appropriate social distancing requirements and equipment is not shared.

Can clubs deliver racing and organised club events, i.e. Sport?

No, further updates are required from NSW Office of Sport. Australian Sailing are expecting these updates over the weekend.

Can clubs deliver face to face courses?

As the rules on gatherings and use of shared equipment remain in place, courses and programs are not permitted due to the practicable nature of delivering these courses whilst observing social distancing and use of shared equipment. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Accredited Australian Sailing programs, including all activities within the Dinghy, Tackers, Keelboat, Powerboat and Windsurfing programs
  • Discover Sailing Days
  • Club organised learn to sail, windsurf or powerboat courses (non-Australian Sailing accredited courses)
  • Instructor and officials courses.

Is coaching permitted?

Yes, provided you remain within your regional boundaries; social distancing and hygiene is maintained; the ten-person rule is observed (including coach), and equipment, including coach boats, are not shared.

Further guidance for Sport

The return to ‘normal’ club activities and the re-start of sport nationally is under consideration.

Australian Sailing continues to work with NSW Office of Sport, the Federal Minister for Sport, Maritime, and NSW Health, as well as attending all relevant briefings from Federal and State departments. We expect further guidance to be released over the next few weeks and we will inform the sailing community of the impacts of any decisions and return to play measures.

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Manager Carl Webster on 0415 707 305 or email carl.webster@sailing.org.au.

I will stand by to assist you (C-G-1)

As the world has come to terms with the shutdown associated with the COVID-19 pandemic people have been looking at ideas to keep in touch and support each other.
Visual signalling is a maritime and sailing tradition and the San Francisco Yacht Club (Belvedere, CA), Staff Commodore Jim Robinson has been looking at ideas that Yacht Clubs across America and around the World could use to create a sense of camaraderie and a way to communicate with each other and their members so that they know the Yacht Club would be there when their Members are able to return to sailing.
With confirmation from the San Francisco National Maritime Museum, Staff Commodore Robinson established that the correct signals to display the message I WILL STAND BY TO ASSIST YOU are the C – G – 1 flags.
RPAYC are now flying the signals from our flagstaff.
Read up on the origins of this great initiative as reported on scuttlebutt here.

Club Race Official Course - Join the Team

This course is aimed at people who have a keen interest in Sailing and want to participate in another facet of the sport.

One of goals at the club is to increase the number of race officials across both our yachting and centreboard activities. Those who may be interested in becoming a Race Officer include parents who may have limited experience with sailing and want to contribute to the sport, volunteers at yacht clubs, existing sailors who wish to lend a hand and their expertise, and sailors who no longer actively participate in the sport.

This seminar is run online over 3 hours.

A schedule of the courses has been set from May through to June 2021 with courses running at a minimum of once a month, with additional courses over the next few weeks already scheduled.

Register to do your club race official course here www.sailing.org.au/clubraceofficer


Club Equipment Auditor Online Seminars

Course Overview

The National Equipment Auditor (NEA) Scheme provides a system for organising authorities (Clubs) to nominate Club Equipment Auditors (CEA) to audit boats for Category 3-7 races.

The Club Equipment Auditor (CEA) seminar is a free safety service provided to help ensure safety standards are consistently met through equipment compliance.

To become accredited as an Australian Sailing CEA you are required to:

  • Be a member of an Australian Sailing affiliated club.
  • Be endorsed by an Australian Sailing affiliated club to audit specifically for that club.
  • Attend the relevant Australian Sailing Equipment Auditors Seminar.
  • Pass the Australian Sailing Equipment Auditors Exam.

The Club Equipment Auditor seminar reviews:

  • The Cat 3-7 auditing forms.
  • All Category specific updates to the Special Regulations.
  • Procedures to be utilised whist auditing.
  • Where to obtain specific auditing information from the Racing Rules of Sailing and Special Regulations.

2020/2021 IRC Rating Certificates now available!

The new 2020 IRC ratings year is about to start.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are not back sailing and racing yet but many of you may still wish to attain your Rating Certificate now, ready for when the season returns to ‘normal’.

You can revalidate online your IRC certificate by simply clicking on the IRC Revalidation logo below.

The 2019 IRC Rating Year will end on the 31 May 2020 and all IRC certificates will expire after that.

All boats that were rated in 2018 and 2019 will be able to revalidate online their certificates.

If you require assistance completing the form, please contact:


Ratings Office

(02) 9170 6917

Email ratings@sailing.org.au


Mother's Day Special Offer

Lunch or dinner is all sorted for you.
Available from Thursday 7 May.
Pre-order through reception on 9998 3700 or drop in to Halyards.
While stocks last.

Add $5 for:
                Thistle Hill Organic Chardonnay or Shiraz
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Update from the General Manager 6/05/2020

Dear Members,
I hope that you are all well. 
Positive news continues this week about Australia easing some of the current restrictions. What this will mean for RPAYC in the short term is yet unknown, however we look forward to organised racing and cruising events resuming soon. There is also a push to get Clubs, Pubs and Restaurants back open again soon, however this is likely to take a little longer and with more incremental steps required to ensure safety. 
An important element to the easing of restrictions, so that we can return to some kind of normality, is contact tracing. If you have not yet loaded the COVIDSafe App onto your phone please consider doing this and encouraging others to do likewise. If you need some help with installing the app onto your phone please let us know.
Over the past few weeks, we have seen many boats being worked on at the Club ensuring they are in tip-top condition to return to sailing as soon as we’re given the go ahead. This is great and really important; however, we remind boat owners of your responsibilities under the Club’s By-Laws to please ensure that any external contractors engaged by you have signed in at reception or the boatyard office, have been inducted, have the appropriate Marine Card accreditation and that they have their insurance in place. 
By now you should have received your Membership subscription renewal fees for this year. Given our current unusual circumstances due to COVID-19 there are a few changes to this year’s fees. These changes were explained in Commodore Michael Lockley’s letter, dated 15 April 2020, and include details about a rebate being offered for members who pay their membership by 31 May 2020, or commit to the Club’s monthly direct debit arrangement with instalments received on the 20th of each month. To take advantage of this rebate please ensure that you have paid within the required timeframe. 
Given the Clubhouse closure, the first instalment of the House Entitlement fee was not charged this year. Please also note that due to Clubhouse closure you will retain any unspent House Entitlement that you may have had left from last year and you are able to use it in paying any club related fees and charges.  
Given the current conditions, the Board has decided to make payment of the Youth Competition Support Fund (YCSF) voluntary this year. The YCSF is still noted on your statement and we would be grateful for your contribution if you are in a position to support this initiative. Please let the office know if you are not in a position to do so and the fee will be removed from your account.
We thank you for your continuing support of the Club and look forward to seeing you back, hopefully soon.
Please look after yourself and those around you. 
Kind regards,
Craig Evans
General Manager

Update from the General Manager 30/04/2020

Dear Members,

I hope that you are all well and coping with the current situation. As I have previously mentioned if there is anything that we can help you with please do not hesitate to contact the Club.

As the various Covid-19 restrictions rolled out over the period of March and April we were quick to respond and, in many cases, slightly ahead of the formal announcements regarding gatherings, organised sporting and other events. Currently news about the spread of the virus is very positive and there is talk about restrictions being slowly lifted in some areas. It is hard to know how and when restrictions will be relaxed and what measures will be required by Clubs and other businesses to operate in the future. That said, we are preparing ourselves so we are ready to open as quickly as we can. One thing in our favour is our access control to the Clubhouse which gives us the unique ability to provide contact tracing details if required. We are preparing for sign-in and temperature checking of everyone entering the Clubhouse and purchasing free standing hand sanitiser stations and clear acrylic screens for reception and point of sales areas in Halyards bistro as we prepare for the ‘new normal’.

The current downtime at the Club has given us an opportunity to look at a number of large and small projects.

Larger jobs being considered by the Board and our Maintenance and Development Committee include the re-roofing of the Clubhouse and the resurfacing of the Club’s lower carpark including the relocation of boom gates and the reorientation of the car park flow, thereby improving access for the dropping off and picking up of members and guests from reception and ultimately providing a welcoming entrance to the Club. New fencing around the Boatyard facility and the completion of the new walking path from the front gates to the Clubhouse are being considered. These projects are to be carried out by external contractors.

As well as the major projects listed above, there are a number of a smaller internal projects that are being carried out by our staff that will make meaningful improvements to our facility.  Some projects being tackled include marina maintenance, gardening, painting, club vessel maintenance, the freshening up of interior of Halyards, reception, the Board Room and other areas within the Clubhouse, refurbishing of boat racks in the centreboard area, maintenance and deep cleaning of the kitchens and storeroom areas.

We also intend to deliver a new Club website and implement the new SailPass program which will be rolled out with all of race documentation ready for the 2020/2021 sailing season.

Many of you will be happy to learn that the Club’s PA and AV systems have been replaced over the past few weeks so never again will you miss the Commodore’s jokes at presentation!

Our aim is to have the Club in great condition so that we can hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted.

To achieve the internal projects that we have planned a number of our staff have had some of their normal duties reallocated and are balancing this project work with other tasks that they are still required to perform. Our goal is to keep staff engaged in meaningful employment that will have real benefit to the Club and its members. Staff wages at the Club are being supported by the Government’s JobKeeper initiative. We are also directing a number of staff to take annual leave to reduce the Club’s leave liability over this period, again these payments are being assisted by JobKeeper. The retention and readiness of our staff will be very important to the Club when restrictions are lifted and keeping them involved in meaningful employment is good for their wellbeing and mental health. Project outcomes versus expenses, including wages, will be continually monitored and adjustments made where necessary to ensure that the Club remains in a strong financial position.

Please look after yourself and those around you.

Kind regards,

Craig Evans
General Manager


Mother's Day Hampers

Every Mum deserves to feel special, especially on Mother's Day. Are you thinking of what to get mum, RPAYC has the answer for you. 
Each Hamper includes a variety of the following items:
Champagne or wine of your choice
2 x Champagne or Wine glasses
Chef’s Pate
Spiced nuts
Home-made chutney
Cheese and cheese board
Mixed olives
Chocolate mousse
Relaxation Diffuser
Hot or cold eye mask
With your choice of the following beverages for Mum:
Hamper with Moet: $150
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The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - RPAYC is a yacht racing and sailing club based on Pittwater.

The yacht club offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels.

There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.

Membership, including family membership is now available.