16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700

MC38 Class Act 6

Media Release                                                                                    4 November 2019

Event: MC38 2019 Season Act 6, November 2-3 hosted by Middle Harbour Yacht Club with racing on Sydney Harbour

MC38 Act 6 to Ginger and season pointscore to Lazy Dog

It’s been a while coming and for the closing Act 6 of the MC38 2019 season pointscore, Leslie Green’s Ginger Ninjas worked their way back to familiar territory, at the top of the class scoreboard.

Results from seven races in very different conditions on The Sound, the triangle between North, South and Middle Head at the entrance to Sydney Harbour, over the weekend of November 2-3, added up to Ginger taking the series win from Marcus Blackmore’s Hooligan and Steven Proud’s Swish finishing third, as determined by a countback with Hooligan.

Green is enjoying the second half of his eighth decade, and still throwing his rocket-ship around tight windward/leeward courses alongside some of Australia’s best sailing talent. Over this past season a new, young crew has settled in under the mentorship of Green, Richie Allanson on main and Julian Plante calling tactics, and stepped-up each regatta.

“If you look at our season results we’ve been getting better and better,” said Allanson. “Our line up changed quite a bit after we last won the nationals and now the balance on the boat is right, and it’s working. We’ve got a great mix of crew including three young women all with vital roles who put in as much if not more than the blokes.”

On Saturday’s outing in 18-22 knots of north-easterly breeze gusting to the top end of the class range and poor visibility due to smoke haze, Ginger’s mainsheet hand added: “Our strategy was to keep it together and simple, and get around the track. We had a Steven Bradbury where guys were falling over in front of us, allowing us to pick up places. With scores of 5, 3, 2, 2 it was pleasing to be within striking distance with three races remaining,” Allanson added.

Among the incidents was the keel on Steve Barlow’s Lightspeed letting go, a replacement offered by Lang Walker from Kokomo’s garage, and Swish incurring lifeline and stanchion damage during a bump with another MC38.

Video of Act 6 thanks to Tilly Lock Media.


For Act 6, the class’ current yardstick crew of Lazy Dog were forced to jump ship late after an incident during a club race earlier in the week. “Conditions were benign on Wednesday so I thought I’d take the boat out,” co-owner Shaun Lane explained. “With the surge and super low tide at a Grotto Point mark, I put the boat on a Bommie. A new keel is on the way.”

Clare Crawford’s Assassin is awaiting a buyer, in the meantime she was happy for Lane and his Lazy Dog team to take her boat out.

“Our thanks to Clare for the loan of her boat which is in really good nick,” Lane said. “We put our sails on and we were ready to go,” added the Australian class president.

The MC38 class is well-known for owners rallying to help each other get off the dock and stay on the water when mishaps occur. Saturday was the perfect example; as fresh seabreezes increased the speed and intensity of racing, things went off-script onboard a number of 38s and spare parts needed to be quickly sourced and borrowed so the full fleet of six could complete the scheduled races.

Final regatta points were vital for Lazy Dog’s perfect 2019 season attendance record, and to remain in contention for the overall pointscore top place. Lazy Dog finished two points in front of Ginger and Hooligan wrapped up their season six points off second place.

Dates for the class’ 2020 season are still being finalised but Lane is happy to confirm the 2020 MC38 Australian Championship will be staged March 13-15 and Middle Harbour Yacht Club have agreed to conduct the racing.

Insta: mc38aus

Further information:

Lisa Ratcliff
Australian MC38 Association media
m. 0418 428 511 e. lisa@occ.net.au

Flying Ant NSW States Round 1

6 RPAYC centerboard sailors travelled to Lake Macquarie for Round 1 of the Flying Ant NSW States. 5 of the 6 of them were new to the class with this being their first regatta in Flying Ants. 

For many of us having come from Optis the regatta was run at a very relaxed and welcome pace by SLMASC. A morning briefing by Adam Beashel, out for a race, back to the beach for lunch and some tips to work on for the afternoon and then one more race prior to debrief and packing up for the day. Rinse and repeat the next day. The progress made by all the sailors was dramatic. A steep learning curve but one that saw them smashing out high speed downwind reaches from early on the first day in winds gusting to 25kts.

The Flying Ants have been a welcome addition to the Centreboard lawn adding some options for sailors that want to have the camaraderie of a 2 handed boat and the excitement of a "mini 29er". 

Mat Butterworth, Andy Tuite and Andy Springer should be congratulated for driving the adoption of these boats within the club. 

Thanks very much to Adam & Lanee Beashel and SLMASC for putting on a couple of great day's racing and coaching.


Fareast 28R Australian Nationals at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Saturday was breeze on with a gusty 20-25kn N-Easterly, sending the 28R fleet downwind on spectacular rides. Guest ‘Team NZ’ is used to these conditions and scored two bullets, separated by only one point on high wind lover Valkyrie with local Ming on their tail.2019 Fareast 28R Nationals at RPAYC -Photo Credit Dinghy Fever Photography2019 Fareast 28R Nationals at RPAYC -Photo Credit Dinghy Fever Photography

Rural Chicken Lips must have done some hours on the simulator as they were really there and coming up. Sweeney Todd decided to test the stability of the 28R, closing the fleet.

Sunday was a lot friendlier and all of the teams were onto it with even closer racing. Ming, runner-up of the day scored triple second. It wasn’t enough though to pass Valkyrie. Overall scoring order stayed exactly the same, first Team NZ followed by Valkyrie and Ming third.

The fresh NZ 28R owners said they were loving the great atmosphere at the regatta which was described as extremely welcoming and friendly. One design is the way to go and good luck to you guys with building your fleet – with the friendly attitude and sharing of knowledge as you do, you should attract more like minded sailors.

The next Fareast 28R Nationals are scheduled to be held at Sail Port Stephens, 1-3 May 2020.

For more information about the Fareast 28R Class visit www.FarEastYachts.com.au.

World Sailing has confirmed the appointment of Richard Slater (AUS) as the Chief Umpire of the 36th America's Cup


World Sailing, the world governing body of the sport, and the Defender and Challenger of Record of the 36th America's Cup presented by Prada have reached agreement for the next edition of the America's Cup. 
The agreement was signed at the World Sailing Annual Conference in Bermuda, where Emirates Team New Zealand representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron won the 35th edition in emphatic fashion.
As part of the agreement, World Sailing has confirmed the appointment of Richard Slater (AUS) as the Chief Umpire of the 36th America's Cup. Slater continues this role from the 35th America's Cup and will lead a team of World Sailing International Umpires, afloat and ashore, throughout the next two years as the Cup implements electronic officiating and the well-established High Speed rules edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Signing the agreement, World Sailing President Kim Andersen said, "As one of the pinnacle events within the sport, it is vital that World Sailing and the Defender and Challenger of Record work collaboratively to ensure a fair competition on the water.

"We have worked closely with Grant Dalton and Laurent Esquier on this agreement which will ensure the America's Cup is delivered to the high standard the sailing community has come to expect. We look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with both the Defender and Challenger to ensure a memorable competition for fans of our sport."

The agreement sees the America's Cup re-established as a member of World Sailing's family of Special Events. World Sailing will continue its role in ensuring the fairness and integrity of the America's Cup through the appointment of Race Officials, the approval of the specialist Racing Rules of Sailing (America's Cup Edition) and management of the anti-doping programme.

World Sailing, the Defender and Challenger of Record will also work together on implementing sustainability programmes throughout the Cup, Prada Cup Challenger Selection Series and other preliminary events. The organisations will also work closely together on promoting and enhancing the media coverage of the sport globally.

Upskill your Sailing with Race Seminars & On Water Training

Free: Upskilling Race Seminars & On Water Training - A Must for All

Come along to the new RPAYC Upskilling Race Seminars & Expert Coaching led by Rob Brown for keelboats.

Remaining Dates:  

  • Nov 8th Friday: 6.00 – 7.30pm - Briefing Seminar
  • Nov 9th Saturday: 10.30 – 12.30 - On Water Training/Expert Coaching  
  • Nov 29th Friday: 6.00 – 7.30pm - Briefing Seminar
  • Nov 30th Saturday: 10.30 – 12.30 - On Water Training/Expert Coaching

Key Points:
Expert Coaching and feedback led by Rob Brown
Friday Briefing / Content – With a beer /wine
Saturday On water training with expert coaches on hand to explain and give expert tips and feedback.

Ensign Yachts at RPAYC

Ensign Yachts moves into the digital age as it expands, bringing brokers to you

Ensign Yachts will be leaving its office near the chandlery.  It is, however, not leaving the RPAYC.  Ensign is in discussions with RPAYC to enhance its relationship with the Club in other ways – more details to come!  This is part of Ensign Yachts’ new strategic direction which will improve the way it interacts with Club members and the broader boating community across Australia.


Sean, Andy and Bavaria Yachts Germany rep Marian Scheer at Hamilton Island Race Week

Ensign Yachts has been at RPAYC for more than 5 years when Managing Director Andy Howden opened the office near the chandlery and joined the club as a member.  Andy was joined by Kate Douglas and later, industry stalwart Ron Jacobs and club member Mark Hellyer.  Joint Managing Director, Sean Rush joined the Ensign office at RPAYC when he teamed up with Andy to take over the Ensign Yachts Group a few months ago.  Sean is a new Pittwater resident and is keen to join the club and develop the relationship between Ensign and RPAYC.

The progressive new strategic direction of Ensign Yachts (which is the exclusive dealer for a variety of premier brands including Bavaria Yachts, Nautitech Catamarans and Italia Yachts) will see it reducing retail footprint across Australia while developing maximum reach by branching out and expanding its presence in yacht clubs and marinas all around Australia and via its emerging digital platform.


A Bavaria Yachts C57 at Magnetic Island Race Week

Industry veteran, RPAYC member and Joint MD of Ensign, Andy Howden, commented: “As retail transitions to the digital environment we are getting ahead of the curve and interacting with our clients in a more modern and customer service-oriented way.   We want to bring our brokers and our opportunities to the clients.  We are finding it’s important our team is mobile and ever willing to meet clients where it suits them. More times than not that is at home, over a coffee or ‘on board’.  We want to be where the boats and the boaties are, not anchored up to an office!

Discussing opportunties with RPAYC, Joint MD of Ensign Yachts, Sean Rush said “We already enjoy industry leading coverage with a strong presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Perth and will be increasing our coverage across Australia with more sales professionals in additional strategic locations.  We have recently hired 4 new Ensign sales ambassadors in the last 4 months increasing our team to more than 25.

Nacra 15 World Championship

Club Member Nathan Bryant and Georgia Payne from Mandurah South of Perth Yacht Club, have been over in Marseille, France competing in the Nacra 15 Worlds followed by the first Nacra 15 foiling regatta in the world!

The team worked hard and took off at the start of the regatta showing that their many hours of training in the wind and heavy sea states was paying off. They were up at the top of this big fleet of over 80 Nacra’s – the biggest event yet in this class.

The regatta was challenging, not just by the numbers on the water but the changing winds and seas states. In heavy seas they held their own but were challenged when the regatta turned into a very light and shifty race course. The team learnt some tough lessons and finished an amazing 10th overall. They then backed this up with a 5th in the foiling worlds. They are on their way home and ready to work hard for the upcoming summer series where they will compete for the 2020 Youth worlds spot.

See the full results here: http://www.nacra15class.com/worlds-2019/

Free: Upskilling Race Seminars & On Water Training

Free: Upskilling Race Seminars & On Water Training

Come along to the new RPAYC Upskilling Race Seminars & Expert Coaching led by Rob Brown for keelboats.

Oct 25th Friday: 6.00 – 7.30pm - Briefing Seminar
Oct 26th Saturday: 10.30 – 12.30 - On Water Training/Expert Coaching
Nov 8th Friday: 6.00 – 7.30pm - Briefing Seminar
Nov 9th Saturday: 10.30 – 12.30 - On Water Training/Expert Coaching  
Nov 29th Friday: 6.00 – 7.30pm - Briefing Seminar
Nov 30th Saturday: 10.30 – 12.30 - On Water Training/Expert Coaching

Key Points:
Expert Coaching and feedback led by Rob Brown
Friday Briefing / Content – With a beer /wine
Saturday On water training with expert coaches on hand to explain and give expert tips and feedback

Brief Summary of Training format and content:
Boat and Crew Preparation
Boat Control – On water drills
Rig Set Up, Power Control, Sail Trim, Sailing Modes
On water Pre Race preparation
Starting drills and techniques
Key points to consider in having a race strategy and next leg planning
Wind analysis, Wind calls, On board communication,
Sailing on Pittwater- Key Tips and explanation of wind patterns
& Plenty more

Register with the Sailing Office via email or phone on 9998 3700


Licence Plate Recognition Camera

The Club is pleased to announce that the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) access to the lower car park is now operating. 

The LPR cameras provide Members the benefit of express entry into the lower car park without the need to ‘swipe’ a membership card.
Members are invited to register details of your personal vehicles by providing licence plate and membership numbers to Club Reception in person, by phone 9998 3700 or email reception@rpayc.com.au.

What if I have more than one car? Members may register the licence plates of multiple vehicles however, the ‘anti-passback’ setting will only permit one vehicle per member in the car park at any one time (per Parking By-Law 3(i)).

Approach speed?  The safe driving speed from the Club main entrance pillars is 5km and it is recommended that members approach at this speed to avoid the need to come to a full standstill.

Do I still need my Membership Card?  Yes, Members should always have their membership card on hand in the event that the registration plate cannot be read.
Please refer to Club By-Law #3 for more information about parking at the RPAYC.

RPAYC Golf Day 2019

The annual Club Golf Day was held at Bayview Golf Club on Friday October 18.
Ten teams competed and the First Prize for Men was taken out by Team “Scoot” (Scott Robertson) and the First Prize for Ladies was taken out by Team “First Picasso” (Virginia McClelland).
The weather was beautiful for golf and Bayview Golf Club provided full amenities including lunch and breakfast and our thanks go to Skye Choueiri and the Bayview staff for their excellent attention.
The prizes were presented on the day by Past Commodore Ian Audsley with help from Brian Gray.

1st Place: “Scoot”  Scott Robertson, Andrew McDonnall, Matt Young and Chris Thorne
2nd Place to Team “Second Time Around” John McConnaghy, Kent Heazlet, Rob Wackett, and Gavin Ward
3rd Place to Team “The Bolter”  Rick Welch,  Berndt Fischer, Bob Sims, Rob Lang

1st Place Ladies Team & Best Dressed  “First Picasso” Virginia McClelland, Robyn Cole, Pam Parter,  Marlene McKewen




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Artemis XIV secures 5.5 world title after exciting final day in Pittwater

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High seas stop racing on third day of 5.5 Metre World Championship

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