16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Australia Day Long Weekend Hours

Clubhouse/Tender Operations

Sat 26: 
Bistro: 0800 – 1500
Bar: Trade dependent
Reception: 0800 - 1800
Tender:  0800 - 1800

Sun 27: 
Bistro: 0800 – 1500
Bar: Trade dependent
Reception: 0800 - 1800
Tender:  0800 – 1800

Mon 28: 
Bistro: 0900 – 1500
Bar: Trade dependent
Reception: 0800 - 1800
Tender:  0800 – 1800


International 5.5 Metre - Festival of Fives

Hi All,

We are looking forward to another great Festival of Fives this year in the last week of February.  Last year we had some epic racing during the Festival and the icing on the cake was when 5.5 Metres won both the spinnaker and non-spinnaker divisions of the RMYC Classic Yacht Regatta (still not sure were the chart plotter prizes are going to be installed!).  http://www.5.5class.org/single-post/2018/03/25/Australian-Festival-of-Fives-2018

Please see below the events in the Festival of Fives for 2019.  Please get the dates in your diaries and get your entries in now.  Could you also please circulate this email to any other International 5.5 Metre owners not on this circulation list.   The more the merrier and we really do want to make a 'splash' and showcase these iconic boats in the run into the 2020 Worlds.  

International 5.5m Festival of Fives 2019

Saturday 23rd February.  RPAYC Friends of David Booth Regatta (Free entry to non-club members competing in the Nationals).


Sunday 24th February to Tuesday 26th February.  RPAYC Australian National Championships.  The winner of this championship will also be the nominated Australian Representative for the Scandinavian Gold Cup at the 2019 Worlds in Finland.


Wednesday 27th February.  Invitation to compete in the Woody Point Yacht Club Twilight Pursuit Race non-spinnaker (60 boats of all shapes and sizes).  Pittwater Alfred's Gold Cup for the winning 5.5m.  Followed by informal meal and prize giving at Lucky and Peps Newport.  Start time around 1800 exact time to be confirmed early in the week.  Please let me know if you are going to compete as I need to confirm the number of 5.5 Metres with the start boat. https://www.wpyc.com.au/sailing/

Thursday 28th February.  RPAYC Thursday Twilight Race.  Division 3.   5.5 Metre non-spinnaker Ladies Helm Race for the Champion 5.5 Metre “Associate” Trophy (we will resurrect this old classic 5.5m trophy from the 1980s).  Trophy will go to the first Ladies Helm on scratch (Free entry to non-club members competing in the Nationals).  Please invite a lady to helm your boat and join the race.  Other non-ladies helm 5.5 Metres can compete for the love of it! 

Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd March.   RMYC Classic Yacht Regatta.  Spinnaker and non-spinnaker divisions.  https://www.royalmotor.com.au/images/pdfs/divisions/sailing/2019_Sailing/2019_Classic_Yacht_Regatta_-_NOR.pdf

Looking to seeing as many of you as possible out for the week.



PS: You might enjoy this old article on the Revive of the Five in Pittwater from 2017.  We are looking to add more chapters to this revival story. 



2019 Australian and Oceanic Laser National Titles

The 2019 Australian and Oceanic Laser National Titles were held in Devonport, Tasmania and were run by the Mercy Yacht Club. The Mercy Yacht Club is a very small club located on the banks of the Mercy River in an operating shipping port. Ships and The Spirit of Tasmania arrived each and every day during the regatta. Two sailors from RPAYC ventured to Devonport for the regatta, Dave Taylor (Standard Masters) and Bayley Taylor (Junior 4.7).

The race courses were located in Bass Strait off the Mercy Bluff Lighthouse. It was a 3 nautical mile sail or tow down the Mercy River to the river mouth plus another nautical mile out to the course area. The river was often shut down when there were shipping movements in the river. This meant we had to either wait on shore for the ship to move or get out quickly before the ship arrived. Coming in was the same and a couple of times we were held outside the river waiting for a ship to pass.

The series included six days of racing with no lay days and a 12 race series. Day 1 was light and a race was started but was eventually abandoned as both the standards and 4.7s timed out. Day 2 was aiming for 3 races to try and catch up lost time so we all hit the water at 10am. The wind was light again and we didn’t get a race started until 2pm. We finished the second race late and eventually got off the water at 8pm for a day being on the water for 10 hours.

The next day they aimed for 3 races again but with the 2pm start time. Racing was in windy conditions of 18-20 knots and the RO had us doing 3 lap courses. This resulted in another 8pm day on the water. Eventually the racing all caught back up to schedule and left the penultimate day as a two race day. On the final day the first race at 12pm was a light race in 8-10 knots and we all knew a strong NWer was forecast. We were hoping for two quick races and getting off the water before the strong winds arrived. Unfortunately this did not happen and the final race 12 of the series was started in 25knots which soon built to 30 knots on the first work. Bass Strait really came alive with large waves, breaking waves and full survival sailing conditions. Many boats capsized, a support rib was witnessed to go vertical off a wave and very nearly flip over backwards. Both Dave and Bayley managed to finish their race, but unfortunately Bayley timed out by a mere 3 minutes. A fantastic effort regardless in the survival conditions.

The Mercy Yacht Club ran a really good regatta and all safety plans were put into action on the final race and all sailors were accounted for at the end of the day and survived the notourious Bass Strait conditions.Bayley finished 26th in the Laser 4.7 fleet and Dave finished 38th in the Standard fleet and was against the Australian Sailing Team. 



Dicko Cup Marathon Series

Sunday 26th - Monday 29th January 

The Dicko Cup originated in early 1950s by S.R. Dickinson whose role was the organiser, handicapper, judge and sailing committee for the “Dicko” Cup. Originally being held on New Year’s Eve and continuing onto New Year’s Day the event started as a fun loving event with no prerequisites to enter only a “carnival spirit.” Boats from all over Sydney would migrate to Pittwater to enjoy the company of Dicko and his wife as they were renowned for their hospitality.
Nearly 60 years from when the Dicko Cup started the RPAYC still celebrates this event based around the roots of the “carnival spirit.” The event has transformed into the Dicko Cup Marathon & Hallets Beach Cruise for the Australia Day weekend.




Enter online: https://www.rpayc.com.au/sailing/yacht-racing/regatta-and-championships


Invictus Games 2018 - Letter of Thanks to Members

Dear Fellow Members,

Now that the Invictus Games 2018 have wrapped up, I would like to take the time to express my sincere gratitude to my fellow members of RPAYC for their generous sponsorship and ongoing support to our veteran community.

This sporting event was a massive undertaking for all those involved – IG management, sponsors, family, spectators and the competitors. From a competitor’s prospective, we had weekly training requirements and monthly camps – for the best part of a year I felt like a semi- professional athlete and apart of something bigger than just myself. From the games, I feel a massive positive “ripple effect” in regards to the public’s awareness focusing on veteran’s health and well being.

The training and competition journey has challenged me physically as well as mentally. My goal was to join the Australian team to help lift me from the mental adversities I have been struggling with. As my wife can attest, there were many a day I didn’t feel I would make it to  the opening ceremony, nor compete.

It was such an honor to share the podium with my good mate Craig McGrath for second place in the Jaguar Land Rover driving challenge. It was equally rewarding to dust-off the speedos (after a 20 year hiatus since my school days) to competitively swim again.

Now three months on, I am physically training more than I did in my Invictus Games journey. I remain in contact with a number of my teammates, and a few of us are continuing our work together towards a sailing campaign to compete in New Zealand in March. I am also in the process of drafting my expression of interest for the 2019 Warrior Games and the 2020 Invictus Games.

My return to sport has been massively supported by my wife and daughter, as well as by the generosity of sponsors such as RPAYC and Soldier On. I thank the club for this and I would  like you to know that the ongoing support by members is appreciated.

Sport is helping fine-tune my mental focus and commitment to my health. I have lost weight, I am feeling fitter in my daily family routines and I am connecting with people. Most importantly I am finding it is giving me time out to clear my mental landscape and to decompress.


Scott Reynolds


2019 Australian Optimist National Champion - Daniel Links

Congratulations to RPAYC member, Daniel Links, who has just been crowned the 2019 Australian Optimist National Champion.  Well done!!

For all results - click here.



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