16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Update from the General Manager 30/04/2020

Dear Members,

I hope that you are all well and coping with the current situation. As I have previously mentioned if there is anything that we can help you with please do not hesitate to contact the Club.

As the various Covid-19 restrictions rolled out over the period of March and April we were quick to respond and, in many cases, slightly ahead of the formal announcements regarding gatherings, organised sporting and other events. Currently news about the spread of the virus is very positive and there is talk about restrictions being slowly lifted in some areas. It is hard to know how and when restrictions will be relaxed and what measures will be required by Clubs and other businesses to operate in the future. That said, we are preparing ourselves so we are ready to open as quickly as we can. One thing in our favour is our access control to the Clubhouse which gives us the unique ability to provide contact tracing details if required. We are preparing for sign-in and temperature checking of everyone entering the Clubhouse and purchasing free standing hand sanitiser stations and clear acrylic screens for reception and point of sales areas in Halyards bistro as we prepare for the ‘new normal’.

The current downtime at the Club has given us an opportunity to look at a number of large and small projects.

Larger jobs being considered by the Board and our Maintenance and Development Committee include the re-roofing of the Clubhouse and the resurfacing of the Club’s lower carpark including the relocation of boom gates and the reorientation of the car park flow, thereby improving access for the dropping off and picking up of members and guests from reception and ultimately providing a welcoming entrance to the Club. New fencing around the Boatyard facility and the completion of the new walking path from the front gates to the Clubhouse are being considered. These projects are to be carried out by external contractors.

As well as the major projects listed above, there are a number of a smaller internal projects that are being carried out by our staff that will make meaningful improvements to our facility.  Some projects being tackled include marina maintenance, gardening, painting, club vessel maintenance, the freshening up of interior of Halyards, reception, the Board Room and other areas within the Clubhouse, refurbishing of boat racks in the centreboard area, maintenance and deep cleaning of the kitchens and storeroom areas.

We also intend to deliver a new Club website and implement the new SailPass program which will be rolled out with all of race documentation ready for the 2020/2021 sailing season.

Many of you will be happy to learn that the Club’s PA and AV systems have been replaced over the past few weeks so never again will you miss the Commodore’s jokes at presentation!

Our aim is to have the Club in great condition so that we can hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted.

To achieve the internal projects that we have planned a number of our staff have had some of their normal duties reallocated and are balancing this project work with other tasks that they are still required to perform. Our goal is to keep staff engaged in meaningful employment that will have real benefit to the Club and its members. Staff wages at the Club are being supported by the Government’s JobKeeper initiative. We are also directing a number of staff to take annual leave to reduce the Club’s leave liability over this period, again these payments are being assisted by JobKeeper. The retention and readiness of our staff will be very important to the Club when restrictions are lifted and keeping them involved in meaningful employment is good for their wellbeing and mental health. Project outcomes versus expenses, including wages, will be continually monitored and adjustments made where necessary to ensure that the Club remains in a strong financial position.

Please look after yourself and those around you.

Kind regards,

Craig Evans
General Manager


Mother's Day Hampers

Every Mum deserves to feel special, especially on Mother's Day. Are you thinking of what to get mum, RPAYC has the answer for you. 
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Chocolate mousse
Relaxation Diffuser
Hot or cold eye mask
With your choice of the following beverages for Mum:
Hamper with Moet: $150
Hamper with Robert Oatley or Scarborough Chardonnay: $103
Hamper with Robert Oatley Shiraz: $103
Hamper with Georgy Girl Rose: $97
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RPAYC Winter Merchandise

The temperature has definitely dropped, check out the Clubs 'special' winter range of merchandise. We have stock available now for you to order online for delivery to your door.

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Saturday 25th April - ANZAC Day Hours

Anzac Day Hours 
Saturday 25th April, 2020
Food & Beverage Takeaway: 8am - 4pm
Tender Service & Reception: 8am - 5pm

There’s no doubt that ANZAC Day 2020 will be very different to ANZAC Days of previous years. While we will not be gathering at services or marches, there are still ways to acknowledge ANZAC Day and ensure Australian servicemen and women are appropriately remembered. CLICK HERE for more

Update from the General Manager 22/04/2020

Dear Members,
Today marks exactly one month since our Prime Minister called for Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs to close and also placed restrictions on the use of boats and other services that we all enjoy. It remains a difficult period with many uncertainties and ever changing restrictions being applied, but fortunately the growing list of restrictions have slowed down and there is now some clarity about the access and use of vessels at the Club. To summarise the current situation, I have put the most frequently asked questions into a Q&A format below. 
There are some very encouraging signs that the measures that have been put in place in Australia are working well and indications are that restrictions will slowly be eased providing that everyone does the right thing and statistics keep improving. However, it is not the time for complacency and it is really important that we abide by the rules until restrictions are gradually and formally lifted.
Q. Can I use my boat?
A. Yes. Providing it is for essential reasons. Examples of reasons whereby you can use your vessel include if you require your boat to travel to and from home/ work, require it to source groceries and other essential services, or if it is for exercise. Sailing, fishing and paddling are all considered valid forms of exercise and are therefore allowed providing that social distancing rules are met both on the boat as well as at the marina, hardstand, boat ramp, etc. Transport for NSW does not consider general boating for recreational purposes as a reasonable excuse to be out on the water, therefore you must be able to satisfy the ‘essential reason’ requirement. 
Q. Can I arrange a ‘non-official’ event with a number of other boats?
A. Unfortunately the answer to this question is ‘No’.  Australian Sailing were advised by Transport for NSW that a group of sailors participating in a non-official event were cautioned last weekend, as too was their Club. Potential fines to individuals and the Club are significant, so please do not risk either the infringement or bringing the Club into disrepute. 
Q. Can I come down to the Club to check on my boat, work on my boat or have repairs and servicing carried out?   
A. Yes. You can access your vessel at the marina or mooring to check on systems and make sure that it is safe and compliant. You are also allowed to take your vessel (by road or water) to a marina or boatyard for repairs and services and likewise return it home or to its mooring or marina. I would also draw your attention to our free ‘Boat Check’ service that our Waterfront team are happy to carry out if you are self-isolating or if you are unable to get to the Club. Many boat owners have taken up this option and we are happy to assist. Details can be found in the newsletter.  
Q. Can I go away on my boat/ stay overnight on mooring?
A. No. Unfortunately, this is not permitted. This kind of activity is not recognised as essential and we have been warned by authorities that fines will be issued. I appreciate that this activity is important to many of our members and we are working closely with both the Boating Industry Association and Marina Industry Association on this issue as they have the ear of government. 
Q. Is the Club’s tender service still operating?
A. Yes. The tender is still available 7 days a week. Social distancing, limited numbers of passengers and disinfecting the vessel between trips are now required. Please observe the instructions of the skipper of the tender. 
Q. Is the Boatyard still operating?
A. Yes. The boatyard is still operating as per normal at this stage and has remained quite busy, however bookings have dropped off somewhat. I imagine that coming out of restrictions there will be a rush by members to get their boats into shape and would encourage you to look after your boats now to avoid potential delays later in the year. Our team and our valued tenants are ready and waiting for you.
Q. Can I get food and drink at the Club?
A. Yes. We have a ‘take away’ facility open in Halyards. This service is open 7 days and details of what is on offer can be found in the newsletter and on our website. We have fresh and frozen meals available that have been created by our chefs as well as some pantry items. Beverages are also available. Please support this initiative.
Q. When can I go racing again?
A. Unfortunately this is an unknown. Following our final pointscore race on Saturday 21 March 2020, I announced that we would be suspending racing until the end of April and that I would notify further at that time. With the end of April looming and the unlikely lifting of sporting restrictions in the immediate future I would think that the suspension will continue throughout May and possibly beyond. We want to get you back out there as soon as it is possible and safe to do so. In the meantime, we do have virtual racing taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please see details in the newsletter if you would like to be involved.   
Over the past few weeks there has been a significant number of meetings held to review the Club’s position during this time. Various scenarios have been considered and a great deal of work carried out as to the financial positional and operational aspects of our Club. This has been a difficult and demanding challenge with changing government legislations and stimulus packages that have had quickly evolving detail. I would like to recognise our Finance Manager Pam Stevens and Admin/ HR Manager Pip Lodder for their efforts. I would also like to acknowledge the assistance and guidance of Vice Commodore Ron Palmer throughout this process. Thank you Ron.
In closing I would like to thank members for their support and also their concerns for the welfare of our staff over this time. As you would be aware our casual staff in hospitality, sail training and waterfront have been stood down. Our permanent staff are busy catching up on race programs, training manuals, updating policy documents and the like while admin and accounting staff are finalising year end accounts, preparing for the annual audit and membership renewals. Staff will also be reducing leave liabilities over coming months and also focusing on a number of projects that we have listed. More details on this next week.  
Please look after yourself and those around you. If we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Club.
Kind regards,
Craig Evans
General Manager

Ways to commemorate Anzac Day 2020

There’s no doubt that ANZAC Day 2020 will be very different to ANZAC Days of previous years. While we will not be gathering at services or marches, there are still ways to acknowledge ANZAC Day and ensure Australian servicemen and women are appropriately remembered.

 1. Be part of the Community Ode - Record a video of yourself reciting The Ode or sharing a message of support for veterans on your social media. Respond “Going” to the Anzac Day 2020 Facebook event. Then use the hashtags #Anzacspirit and #lightupthedawn and share how you’ll be commemorating privately, as well as who you’ll be remembering this Anzac Day.

 2. Light up the dawn at 6am on Anzac Day. Go to the end of your driveway, stand on your balcony or in your loungeroom and listen to a brief commemorative service. Together – even while apart – we’ll remember those who served and sacrificed. You can pledge your support at rslanzacspirit.com.au 

3. Tune into live services and virtual commemorative services. This includes the 5.30am service from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. There will also be a 10am virtual and streamed service (closed to the public) from the Anzac Memorial in Sydney that will be broadcast live with more details to follow.

 4. Reach out to a mate or veteran who might be alone. Many people are alone during this time of isolation. It’s an opportunity to invoke the Anzac value of mateship and check to see how a mate is doing. And if you know a veteran please call or reach out to them, check in on them, thank them for their service and help them if needed during this time.

 5. Donate to the Anzac Appeal online at anzacappeal.com.au. Donations support Australian veterans and their families in need.




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