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16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Respect Ocean Racing - Female Hobart Team Announced

Team Ocean Respect Racing, led by Stacey Jackson, to raise awareness of ocean health issues in Australia, supported by 11th Hour Racing

In a bid to encourage stronger female representation in Australian sailing, and to promote ocean health and sustainability, the first all-female professional crew to enter the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has announced its campaign to win the coveted Tattersall Cup in Hobart.

The 13-strong crew, led by Skipper Stacey Jackson, will race under the team name Ocean Respect Racing, in partnership with 11th Hour Racing, an organization that promotes sustainability through sport. The team name expresses the message this outstanding group of sailors will spread throughout the sailing community in Australia, inspiring fellow competitors, event organizers, and supporters to protect the ocean. Sailing on the 66 footer Wild Oats X, the crew is a serious contender in the race, with a combined experience of 68 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Races and 17 Volvo Ocean Races.

Stacey Jackson, Skipper and Founder of Ocean Respect Racing noted: “Sailing with a fully professional, all-female crew to Hobart is a wonderful opportunity and we are proud to build on the work of non-professional female crews who have previously raced. We are excited to promote and encourage women in the sport and engage with the Australian public on ocean health issues that are affecting us daily, both locally and globally. We are working with environmental organizations, as well as local yacht clubs, to further educate ourselves, be proactive in mitigating our impact on the ocean, and inspire our fans and communities to become ocean stewards.”

Since 2010, 11th Hour Racing has harnessed the power of sport for positive change with an innovative approach, establishing strategic partnerships within the sailing and maritime communities. These include the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race and a team in the 35th America’s Cup, along with giving more than 80 grants to not-for-profit organizations throughout the world, and engaging professional sailors as global ambassadors.

Rob MacMillan, Co-Founder of 11th Hour Racing, noted: “We are thrilled to continue our work with Stacey Jackson in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, building on her legacy with Vestas 11th Hour Racing and the Volvo Ocean Race. Stacey is a keen advocate for ocean health, which she demonstrates daily as a professional sailor and as a business owner. The opportunity to work with an all-star female team in this iconic offshore race is a great platform to raise awareness, and act, on the global issue of plastic pollution. We are very proud to support the  legacy that Stacey and her team are going to build in her home country.”

Ocean Respect Racing will promote the UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign, a grantee of 11th Hour Racing, growing the momentum of Australia’s recent commitment to the campaign to reduce ocean plastics.

Sandy Oatley who’s family own Wild Oats X and Wild Oats XI noted: “Sailing is a sport that my family is incredibly passionate about and we were delighted to agree to contribute Wild Oats X to Stacey’s campaign at Hamilton Island Race Week. We are looking forward to seeing both Wild Oats XI and Wild Oats X on the starting line for what is expected to be a strong race.”

Ocean Respect Racing’s crusade to Hobart became a reality when Sandy Oatley gifted Stacey Jackson the use of Wild Oats X for the race on behalf of the Oatley family. Wild Oats X is the sister ship to supermaxi Wild Oats XI, which has been decorated with line honors in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race a record-breaking eight times.

Working closely with Stacey Jackson as Ambassador for the team is Hon. Julie Bishop, former Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Australia’s first female Foreign Minister. “I am delighted to be the ambassador for Ocean Respect Racing. This historic initiative will set the benchmark for female participation in sailing in Australia, and Stacey’s team comprises some of the most capable sailors. Importantly, I am looking forward to working closely with the team and the UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign to promote the importance of ocean health and sustainability in Australia. I hope that their sporting endeavors will inspire women and girls around the world,” commented Ms. Bishop.

The Ocean Respect Racing team will make its debut at the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge on December 11th in Sydney Harbour. The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will start on December 26th.

Stacey Jackson - Skipper - RPAYC
Dee Caffari – Second In Charge
Libby Greenhalgh - Navigator
Carolijn Brouwer - Helm
Katie Spithill – Tactics - RPAYC
Vanessa Dudley - Trimmer
Jade Cole - Pit
Keryn McMaster - Trimmer
Katie Pettibone - Trimmer
Faraday Brooke Martin – Boat Captain
Bianca Cook – Mid Bow
Sophie Ciszek - Bow

Images - Salty Dingo 


Australian Optimist Girls Squad, Hong Kong - Bayley Taylor

On the 13th of October, the three RPAYC members of the Australian  Optimist Girls squad  (AOGS) made up of, Bayley Taylor, Eva Attwood and Sienna Brown (plus parents and siblings) boarded  a 9 and a bit hour flight from Sydney international airport to Hong Kong. After the long flight, we got our sails and bags and headed to the bus which took us from the airport to our hotel. When we got to the hotel,  it was around 12am Hong Kong time and 3am Sydney time, this meant that all of us were very tired so we checked in and headed straight to our rooms to sleep.

The next morning, we all slept in a bit and then headed to the breakfast buffet. At breakfast, we ran into Ava Whitten , the fourth NSW member of the squad, her mum and brother. After breakfast we explored the hotel and then met with Sophie and Claudia, the VIC members of the squad and their mums. We spent that first day exploring around our hotel and doing a few tourist activities including a cable car ride over to the Big Budda and then walking up all the hundreds of stairs to the base of the Big Budda. We mainly caught the train everywhere with Josh, Ava’s older brother to guide us around the underground walkways and onto the correct train. After getting back to the hotel we all swam in the pool until 10 minutes before we left for dinner.

On the 15th we all went to Disneyland where we met up with Shelly White, our coach who had just flown in from Perth. We had a great time at Disneyland and when we got back to the hotel, most of us went swimming in the roof top pool where we played Marco polo for hours. That night we went out for dinner as a group to an Italian restaurant. Pizza and pasta was a nice break from Asian food!

On the 16th we all planned to go to the famous Ladies’ Markets in Mong Kok but when we got there they were closed… they didn’t open until 12 pm and it was 10 so we went looking for the Harry Potter Café and after we eventually found it, it was also closed. After this, we decided to head back to the hotel when we decided to catch the ferry to the island. We then got on the ferry and came straight back to Kowloon where most of the group decided to go back to the markets but my mum and I wanted to go to the Space Museum instead so that’s what we did although when we got there, it was closed which was very disappointing.

We then headed back to the hotel and ordered a Go Go van to take us and all our sailing gear 40 min away to our hotel in Sha Tin which was close to the Regatta.  Once everyone was in Sha Tin, we went out for a team dinner.

On the 17th we all got taxis down to the water sports facility were the Regatta was held. We got our charter boats and started rigging for a training session. As we were rigging we all decided to play some music on Shelly’s speaker including songs like down under by men at work and Baby Shark! After getting some strange looks from the other teams we finished rigging and went out for a short training session. There wasn’t much wind and it started raining so we came back in after about 2.5 hours.

The next day was another training session but this time lasted for a few hours. We were racing with the other teams out training while finding dead fish floating around.

The 19th of October was the first day of racing and qualifying, we had about 10 -12 knots of wind with the max gusts of maybe 15 knots. All of us had a good day although we still learnt a lot about the conditions and the people we were racing.  After getting back to the hotel we went to coach Shelly’s room for a de-brief.

The 20th was day two of qualifying where we all tried our best to aim for gold fleet in the finals the next day. The wind had dropped down to about 8-10 knots and continued to oscillate and shift all day.

Day 3!! Finals are here and we all made gold fleet!! The wind again dropped down to about 3-6 knots, we only go two races in that day with half of us ending our regatta with a UFD. After coming in that day and packing up our charter boats,  we were provided with a traditional Hong Kong dish, it consisted of lots of different seafood’s and meats.

The next day was our last day in Hong Kong, most of us slept in and checked out at around 11-1130am. That day we all went to the ladies’ markets and became very good at bartering prices down. After we spent a few hours here we got lunch and started to head back to the airport where we got on our flight and travelled back to Sydney where we were greeted with classic Sydney traffic.

All in all it was a fantastic experience where we all learnt a lot and made some great friends.

By Bayley Taylor

Optimist World Championships - Daniel Links

Report from Daniel Links 

On the 16th of August I left for the Optimist World Championships with my mum and the rest of the Australian Worlds Team, we had all placed top 5 at the nationals and were proud to go.

It was a long flight to Cyprus through Qatar and we landed in the morning with about a week until the regatta. Cyprus was a very nice country and extremely hot, we had the beach right next to our apartment and the club was a 15 minute walk away. Our apartment was pretty small and rundown but it did the job.

We had 2 days of training by mostly ourselves before the pre-worlds which was the practice regatta, there were so many people at the club and about 300 sailors. In my team there was Fletcher Walters and I from NSW and RPAYC, Alexi Wigglesworth and Quinn Auricht from SA and Blake Wilson from QLD. Our team were very good sailors and we all knew each other.

The training was a mix of winds and it was a very different environment from Sydney, there were massive cargo ships anchored, rock walls around the beach and flying fish. We trained with the Brazil team and the Finnish team as they were sharing our coach boat, we also had a day when we trained with about 10 other teams and did lots of races. Our team was going well in the training and we were confident and ready. We only did two days of the pre-worlds out of four so we didn’t get too tired. It was really cool sailing against all these other countries and it gave us a sneak peak of what the worlds would be like.

 When we weren’t sailing or resting we were exploring Cyprus and its history. We went to a few Archaeological sites and we visited some old markets and towns, the food there was really nice, halloumi, meze, humus and other dips. Other days we just went to the beach for a swim to stay cool and read books.

The first day of the regatta was very busy and it was very exciting. I placed 9th and a 19th which was a very good day for my first world championships. The qualifying went for 2 more days and I got an 8th, 11th 2nd and 11th. It was a very good start to the regatta and I was coming 15th overall out of 270 sailors and had qualified into Gold fleet which was the top 66 boats.

Before Gold fleet we had some teams racing. The Australian team had some good close races before being knocked out by the defending champions being the USA.

Gold fleet was a whole new level with all of the top boats in the one fleet and it was very difficult the whole time. The starts were really challenging with the need to be able to tack quickly to the right after the start. I found this really difficult but learnt a lot. The competition was so tough that without a good start it made it very difficult to have a good race. After a tough final series I ended up 39th overall. I wasn’t very happy about my finals but it was still a very good regatta and a great experience.

I was the first Australian overall and the only Australian to make Gold fleet. For the rest of the Australian team it was their last Worlds and last regatta in an Optimist. I have one more year left which is great.

The closing presentation was very fun and the New Zealanders even did ‘The Haka’. There was a band that played and the top twenty got their trophies. The winner of the regatta was Marco Gradoni from Italy and 2nd was Stephan Baker from USA and Panwa Boonak from Thailand was 3rd.

The World Championships was by far my favourite regatta and it was a great experience. I have learnt a lot from the Worlds and have been practising a lot on a few different areas so I can qualify again and go even better.

Thankyou to my coach Rob Brewer and my Australian team mates especially Fletcher Walters who I have had many great races and regatta experiences with over the last couple of years.

Over the coming months I have Sail Melbourne and Sydney before our Nationals in Tasmania. I am training very hard to go one better than last years 2nd in the Nationals. Thankyou for the support.

RPAYC Yoga & Pilates Trial

RPAYC member and Olympic silver medallist, Nina Curtis, and Pierre Ainscow, injury specialist, who has also worked with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and Artemis Racing, are excited to introduce Yoga & Pilates at RPAYC, to be trialled from Tuesday 11 December 2018.

Start Date: Week beginning 11th December
Cost: $20 per class per person – Week beginning 11th December all classes are free!
Location: Jack Gale Centre
Equipment needed: Please bring your own mat and a water bottle.
Also: you don’t need to be a member of SailFit to attend these classes.











Pilates for Pirates

Injury Clinic Open House






Yoga for Yachties







Pilates for Pirates

Injury Clinic Open House











Class Descriptions:
Simply put, Pilates is the art of controlling human movement. Learn how to control your body in new and challenging ways and reap the rewards of increased strength, mobility and improved posture.

Pilates for Pirates:
This Pilates class is designed to target muscles that will serve you well for all facets of sailing. Our Pilates instructor has worked with teams in the Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup. A workout like no other, you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of on the water after this class. Hoist the main, trim the jib and tack with ease. Rum not included.

Yoga is one of the worlds most popular types of exercise, it has a unique ability to bring a wide variety of benefits to all regardless of age, ability or ailment. Prepare to stretch, strengthen and discover what your body is truly capable of. Walk out of the class toned, energised and stress free.

Yoga for Yachties:
We all know that sailing is like no other sport! Every day on the water is different and the demands on the body can sometimes add up. Join our Olympic Medal winning sailor Nina for a Yoga class like no other. This class will help to strengthen key supporting muscles that often get overlooked in training and release problem areas to find better all body balance and mobility. A great tool to help reduce injuries on the water and keep you pain free. Not your average Yoga class, prepare to sweat, work and feel the difference.

Injury Clinic Open House:
For a select time only speak to our America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race injury specialist – this is an opportunity for you, as members, to get free advice and discuss any injuries, niggles, ailments or pains that you may be concerned about.

Meet Your Instructors:

Nina Curtis:
Nina is a Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club member and local girl who won an Olympic Silver Medal in 2012 and more recently competed with Team Brunel in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18. Along with her Sailing Experience and degree in Sport Science Nina is excited to inject her own flair into her Yoga classes.

Pierre Ainscow:
Pierre has vast experience in the professional sailing world working for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing in their Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 win and Artemis Racing in their challenge for the 35th America's Cup. Pierre is an injury specialist and ran a successful clinic in the UK before recently emigrating to Australia.

Expression of Interest - Sydney to Auckland Yacht Race 2021

A very exciting opportunity has arisen to join the celebrations in Auckland of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) and the 36th Americas Cup.
After 12 months of discussions with the RNZYS, the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC) is looking for potential entrants in both racing and cruising divisions and we are seeking Expressions of Interest for this exciting event from Sydney to Auckland in January 2021.

Partnering with the RNZYS for the finish of the race the RPAYC welcomes offshore capable racing and cruising monohull and multihull yachts to enter. The race will see divisions including IRC racing, Superyacht and a cruising rally. Take your race yacht over and compete in the many Anniversary Regattas and events celebrating 150 years of the RNZYS or cruise in company with your yacht to get ringside seats at the Americas Cup Regatta.

Visiting boats may also be interested in offshore racing and regattas in the Southern Hemisphere surrounding the event:

26th December 2020 – Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – organised by the Cruising Yacht Club Australia
2nd January 2021 – Pittwater to Paradise Race (Pittwater to Southport) – Organised by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Southport Yacht Club
26th January 2021 – Sydney to Auckland Race – Organised by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
6th – 21st March 2021 - 36th Americas Cup
May 2021 – Auckland to Sydney/Hamilton Is - TBD
August 2021 – Hamilton Island Race Week

If you are interested and would like to keep informed about the race please email sailing@rpayc.com.au


NSW and ACT Laser State Titles – Canberra Yacht Club – 24th and 25th November

Five Lasers from RPAYC made the trip down the Federal Highway to the Nations Capital for the NSW and ACT Laser Association State Titles. The regatta was held at the Canberra Yacht Club on Lake Burley Griffin. The event was in two parts, Saturday was too much breeze and Sunday there was none.

Saturday saw a NW breeze which came through in fronts with wind gusting to 30 knots and then down to 15 knots in between the fronts. There was plenty of capsizing, plenty of broken gear and plenty of worn out and exhausted sailors. The courses were a trapezoid course set very narrow as there is not much room on the lake. The 4.7’s and Radials did Outer 2 and Outer 3 courses and the Standards did Inner 3 courses. Four races were held on Saturday for the 4.7s and Radials, and three for the Standards.

On Sunday we all rigged ready to go for the 11am starters gun, but the wind failed to eventuate. AP went up on shore and we all sat around and waited. Eventually when the wind started to look promising, some went out for a sail, but the wind soon shut down again and failed to produce a steady enough direction for a state championship regatta. At 2pm the started called the day off, so we all packed up and headed back to Sydney.

In the 4.7s on Saturday, best results were from Oli Gordon who finished 5th overall, then Morgan Wells who finished 7th overall (1st U18), and Bayley Taylor who finished 14th. Bayley demonstrated some swimming ability trying to swim after her capsized boat during a 30knot squall but eventually gave up and was rescued by one of the rescue boats to take her back to her boat, and she decided to return to shore during the third race completely exhausted.

The other two sailors from RPAYC were in the Standard fleet. Steve Bryant finished 13th after completing the first two races with a 4th and a 9th, but during the third race suffered a nasty head bump and gash to his head from his boom and returned to shore stunned and dazed. Dave Taylor broke his mast off just above the deck in the final lap of race 1 and therefore failed to complete a race in this year’s state titles.

Thanks to Canberra Yacht Club for having us there, a pity the wind could not have been a bit kinder for the full regatta to be held.


The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - RPAYC is a yacht racing and sailing club based on Pittwater.

The yacht club offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels.

There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.

Membership, including family membership is now available.

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