16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Update from the General Manager - 2/06/2020

Dear Members,

I hope that you are all well.

Organised boating events are back this week! After our period of hibernation, we’re excited to kickstart activities back at RPAYC this Saturday with Race 1 of the Lion Island Series and our Cruisers heading to Bobbin Head for a long weekend cruise. Centreboard racing will recommence the following weekend with the Winter Series.

Dining is back! We look forward to welcoming you back into the Clubhouse from this Thursday. We are currently limiting dining to a maximum of 50 patrons at a time, split into two separate areas upstairs. This ‘soft opening’ will give us an opportunity to get members back into the Clubhouse following a shutdown of nearly 10 weeks. We will be open for lunch from this Thursday 4 June and, at this stage, lunch will be available Thursday-Sunday, dinner available on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday-Sunday. Bookings are essential, so please contact reception.

Our successful ‘Grab’n’Go’ take away service will continue to operate from Halyards 7 days a week from 9am to 4pm.

The welcome back to the Club and organised boating will look a little different for a while. Social distancing, hygiene and contact tracing requirements will be here for some time to come and have required us to put in various processes to be compliant, but more importantly for the protection of our members, guests and staff. We remind everyone that if you are feeling unwell please stay home and if you have any COVID-19 symptoms please go and get tested.

Please see our “RPAYC re-opening FAQ’s document here.

Club Projects. There are a number of projects about to commence at the Club. A new Boatyard fence is being installed, including a continuation of the pedestrian path to improve access to the Clubhouse. Our lower car park will be resurfaced and the traffic flow and boom gate access location will be changed to allow for easy access to the Clubhouse and to create an open and welcoming first impression of the Club.  Lastly, we will also be replacing the Clubhouse roof. It was hoped that these projects would be completed over the ‘lock-down’ period, however this is not the case due to restrictions being lifted much sooner than initially anticipated.

The AGM is scheduled to be held at 8pm, Tuesday 21 July. Nominations for Elected Officers open on Monday 8 June and Members wishing to stand for an elected role may collect a Nomination Form from reception or download it via the Members Portal on the RPAYC website. Nomination Forms must be returned before the closing time of midday on Monday, 22 June 2020. Voting times, if required, will be advised with the Notice of Meeting.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many members who have renewed their RPAYC membership; your support of the Club is greatly appreciated.

I hope that my weekly messages over the past 3 months have been useful. As restrictions ease so too will the frequency of these messages, but please do not hesitate to contact the Club if you have any questions. Phone 9998 3700 and email management@rpayc.com.au

Please look after yourself and those around you.


Kind regards,


Craig Evans

General Manager

Welcome back to our Members and Guests - Reopening FAQs

It’s our pleasure to advise our valued members, their guests and visitors that RPAYC Clubhouse will be reopening from Thursday 4 June 2020 in line with the State Government’s conditions for re-opening Clubs and Hotels.
The following conditions will be managed that permit us to re-open as we take every precaution to ensure that all members, guests and employees are safe in our club.

Food and Beverage Services

Our new bistro service will open Thursday through Sunday for lunch from 11.30am, Saturday and Sunday for Breakfast from 8.30am and Friday night for dinner from 6pm, however due to Covid-19 restrictions, the bistro will be only be open for seating upstairs in the Edinburgh Bar and Admirals Cup Room. Bookings are essential with no walk ins accepted.  Bookings can be made through reception on 9998 3700 with a maximum of 8 person per booking. We will only be accepting 25 patrons in each room with specified seating times, with social distancing rules applying. Entry will be via the front reception door.
We will continue to operate our Grab and Go takeaway from Halyards 7 days a week from 9am to 4pm. 
Entry will be via the back of the Club, adjacent A-Arm parking spaces.
The function areas of the Club will remain closed until conditions are eased.
All birthday vouchers will be extended 6 months for financial members and can be used at the Bistro.

Physical distancing

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure members and employees comply with Safe WorkAustralia’s ‘physical distancing’ standards applying to hospitality venues, including floor markings and signage, and staff will be onsite at all times as part of the Club’s strict safety measures.
At this time members cannot stand around bar areas, walkways or in groups, and must be seated unless you are moving to another part of the club.
We will prominently display any mandated CovidSafe signage that has been issued by relevant Government authorities.
We will manage physical distancing as part of all on premise and takeaway services.
Employees have been certified and trained in Hygiene / COVID compliance prior to re- commencement of their respective employment.

Dining Groups

Patrons are to be seated at all times unless moving throughout the venue. Gatherings are not permitted.
The 1 person per 4 square meter rule must be adhered to at all times.


Wherever practical it is encouraged that meetings continue to be held by electronic means.
Where ‘face to face’ meetings are required: -

• Maximum of 10 committee members (for the time being) + any support staff

• Practice physical distancing where practicable.

• Practice good hygiene before and after meeting.

• If any committee member is unwell they must stay home.

• Meetings must be booked in advance (preferably 48 hours prior) through Club reception.

• ‘Sign-in’ process is required.

• Meeting tables are to be disinfected prior to the meeting and at the conclusion of the meeting.

• Meeting organiser must offer committee members the ability to join the meeting by
electronic means and should encourage that more vulnerable members join the meeting by
electronic means.


Sailing Activities

Sailing commences at the Club from Saturday 6th June, 2020, with the Lion Island Series. 
Current ten person per boat restrictions are in place until further notice.
Crew lists are required weekly for all organised races & training participant registers.
Get in, Sail, Get Out.
See information on Sailing requirements in the relevant NoR’s and here –  Let’s Go Racing.


Whilst the Club has been closed, we have undertaken a deep clean of the entire venue spaces in preparation for our re-opening.
We will be regularly cleaning areas and surfaces that are frequently touched, observing Safe Work Australia’s ‘cleaning’ standards applying to Clubs.


We encourage members and guests to adopt Safe Work Australia’s ‘hygiene’ standards applying to hospitality venues, and we will be encouraging members to clean their hands regularly. Alcohol- based sanitiser are available at Club entries and exits, as well as other locations throughout the Club Boatyard and Jack Gale Centre.
We will encourage contactless payments at point of sale stations where signage will be displayed.


We have always maintained clean restrooms at RPAYC and we will now be taking additional measures to clean and promote hygiene in our restrooms. The bathrooms in the Clubhouse downstairs will remain closed inside with access from the outside road.  The upstairs bathrooms will be open for use by members dining in the Edinburgh Bar and Admirals Cup Room.  The bathrooms at the centreboard area will reopen on Sunday 7 June.
We will clean frequently touched surfaces more regularly.

Volunteer of the Year Announced - the awardee is...?

Volunteer of the Year

It is with great pleasure that the Commodore, Michael Lockley annouced today that Martin Cross has been awarded the 2019-2020 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Martin’s hard work and dedication to the Australian Int 5.5m Class and a mission to bring the Int 5.5m World Championship to the RPAYC all came together in January 2020. For many years Martin has competed internationally in the Int 5.5m class and throughout this time he has been working towards bringing the World Championship to Australia. As the Int. 5.5m Class President when a southern hemisphere championship was on the cards he presented the RPAYC as the perfect host, steeped in class history and with a reputation for producing fantastic sailors and boats.

Martin then dedicated his time endlessly and energy to ensuring that the World Championship was one to remember for the club and all the competitors, families and volunteers. No detail was left to chance, shipping, and boat transport, accommodation, social events and of course the racing was planned meticulously.

Congratulations Martin from all of your fellow Members of RPAYC and the competitors who attened the 2020 International 5.5m World Championship on a superb performance. 


Annual Yachting & Centreboard Prizegivings 2019-2020

With the current Covid-19 restrictions we were unable to hold our annual Centreboard & Yachting Awards in May, but be assured we have not forgotten the fantastic achievements and successes of our sailors over the 2019 - 2020 Season and plans are afoot to recognise these efforts and award the silverware as soon as we are all able to get back together to celebrate.

Dates and arrangements to be announced.

Placegetters can be viewed under race results: https://www.rpayc.com.au/sailing-results

Let's go RACING - New regulations & requirements

Let’s Go Racing

Race Day

  • Club activities, including racing can resume as long as the Public Health Order is complied with;
  • It is recommended that crew limits are adhered to; however, no boat shall carry more than 10 persons on board at any time (see the NoR for reommended crew numbers);
  • Practise good hand hygiene before and after sailing;
  • Avoid physical contact;
  • Halyards Grab and Go Takeaway service is in operation 7 days a week;
  • Changerooms and kitchens will remain closed – arrive dressed and ready to sail, meet at the boat;
  • Stay home if you are unwell;
  • Don’t share drinks or towels;
  • Sharing of equipment should be avoided and if necessary, it should be kept to a minimum;
  • Shared equipment, if any, should be regularly wiped down and sanitised, as practicable after use; 
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres where reasonably practicable; and
  • All competitors shall follow the one person per 4 square metres rule ashore to ensure sufficient physical distancing between people;
  • The RPAYC encourages all competitors to use the COVIDSafe App whilst at the club.

Crew Lists - Yachting

  • A complete and accurate crew list per event & race shall be submitted through the online entry system TopYacht.
  • An SMS will be sent to the Primary boat contact, on a scheduled race day. The SMS will contain a link that will prompt you to update your crew list (save the link). Alternatively, crew lists can be updated and maintained through your TopYacht entry by login into your entry and updating the crew details in your entry form.
  • In both case TY will remember those that have previously sailed with you (as listed in your crew list); Less than 5 minutue process once your crew are initally added. A How to Guide is available here and is also sent when regisitering. 
  3. SELECT 'ON BOARD' box when finished
  • The crew list shall contain the following information for each crew: Full Name RPAYC Member No. AS No. Telephone No. Email address Person to contact in the event of an emergency (Name and Telephone Number).
  • The Primary contact will recieve an email with their daily crew as well as the office. The race officer of the day will be alerted to the POB associated to your boat for the day.
  • Failure to provide a complete and accurate crew list prior to the start of each race shall result in a score of DSQ without a hearing. Changes RRS63.1 & A5.


Crew Lists - Centreboard

  • A complete and accurate crew list per event & race shall be submitted through the online entry system Australian Sailing RevSport portal.
  • Each Crew, Skipper or Mate shall register their details as requested. 
  • The crew list shall contain the following information for each crew: Full Name RPAYC, Member No., AS No., Telephone No., Email address, Person to contact in the event of an emergency (Name and Telephone Number).
  • If crew change per round from the Initial entry then a new crew registration is required.
  • Crew sbumissions/updates are required before each Sunday of scheduled races.


What does your social distancing plan of 1.5m look like on your boat?

ORC Renewals now Open


Its time to renew and or submit your yacht applications for a 2020-21 ORC certificate. Be it for offshore racers (ORCi) or the ever building inshore club certificates (ORCc). Applications are via Australian Sailing and are submitted online. Are you a One Design Yacht? If so, don't forget to check the exisitng One Design certificates available online for your Class, if it already exisits then your application takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Current certificates will expire 30 June, 2020 so get in early with your re-validations ready for the Early Bird Series  in July.

If you would like to know more information about obtaining a rating your yacht please contact the Sailing Office at sailing@rpayc.com.au

We have a number of key club measurers as well who are happy to assist you wth your boat measurements. ORCc are self measured where as ORCi certificates require an official measurer.

Upcoming Events

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