16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700

School Sailing

2019 Pittwater Schools Teams Racing Regatta

Saturday 2nd February & Saturday 23rd March 2019

This weekend is being run as a training regatta, with the main objective of getting out on the water and building our team racing regatta skills. Having a great time as well is obviously paramount along with safety.
To make this regatta affordable and logistically possible, we have come up with the following modifications to allow the regatta to run:

There are no International, national or state umpires available this weekend to donate their time, nor do we have the budget to fly/accommodate and reimburse them for their time. Hence we have asked for help from those schools competing to provide their senior sailors to assist with umpiring the racing. Any parents who have Racing Rules knowledge and would like to get involved in this technical part of the sport are more than welcome to try their hand in umpiring.
Please keep in mind that this weekend, not only will the sailors be continuously learning, but so will the umpires!
My advice to teams would be to rely on the boat speed/handling and strategy to win races, and not rely on the umpires to win them races!
For those wanting a great way to refresh their brain on the teams racing rules this Teams Racing call book published by World Sailing is a great way to refresh and learn the rules in applied scenarios http://www.sailing.org/41456.php

We are very lucky through the generous cooperation of Pittwater schools, access to 15 pacers. Whilst all the boats are built to the pacer One Design Rule, there are some small variances amongst the boats such as age of boats, sails and rigging. In an ideal world we would have all teams swapping after each race and the same generations of Pacers versing one another (e.g Knox pacers v Knox pacers), however this would take up considerable amount of time and more additional resources as well as making it very difficult to for the race committee and finish boat to come up with a draw mapping all this out.
Should there be a major variance in speed between some of the boats, this may be addressed at the end of the round robin. Again, a sailors talent, smooth boat handling, strategy and tactics should help make up for any speed variance between the boats.

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Amendment 1 - Posted 06:30 2/2/19

Amendment 2 - Posted 13:00 - 21/3/19

Draw - Day 1

Draw - Day 2


Standings - Day 1

Final Results Day 2




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